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Caffeine 1.1.1

Prevent your Mac going to sleep

The subtle Caffeine menu bar item is built for one thing in specific: keeping your Mac from going to sleep. It comes in handy if you want to be able to use your Mac whenever, without waiting for it to come out of sleep or hibernation or of putting...
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  • Kelley Kromhout

    by Kelley Kromhout

    So nice to use when you need your screen to stay active without constantly messing with settings. I leave my screen on display for about five minutes before it goes to sleep due to lack of activity; Caffeine allows me to keep my computer awake with the touch of a button.

  • Manuel Carvajal

    by Manuel Carvajal

    Caffeine quitting unexpectedly. It's quitting unexpectedly every time I open my Mac (a 2016 TouchBar Mac Book Pro)

  • by Anonymous

    Adults only. big side effects. for weeks, i am trying to find out why my Mac Air doesnt go into sleep :) I totally forgot about it. Recommend to use it only on iMac but never the notebook. It will drain your juice. Pros: it works. Cons: dont leave it on default settings

  • by Anonymous

    Rgee no sleep with Caffeine. I like Caffeine, it is simple to use and does what it is supposed to do, keep my computer awake, I do a lot of reading and video watching and to save changing preferences it is much more simple to just click on the Caffeine icon in the menu bar to prevent the Screensaver cutting in and having to login again. I use it quite often as I have my Screensaver set to go in 15 More