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Caffeine 1.1.1

Prevent your Mac going to sleep

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  • Kelley Kromhout

    by Kelley Kromhout

    So nice to use when you need your screen to stay active without constantly messing with settings. I leave my screen o...   More

  • Manuel Carvajal

    by Manuel Carvajal

    Caffeine quitting unexpectedly.
    It's quitting unexpectedly every time I open my Mac (a 2016 TouchBar Mac Book Pro).   More

  • by Anonymous

    Adults only.
    big side effects. for weeks, i am trying to find out why my Mac Air doesnt go into sleep :) I tota...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Rgee no sleep with Caffeine.
    I like Caffeine, it is simple to use and does what it is supposed to do, keep my co...   More